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Glee Season 4 Episode 2 Eric leads Nora toward the elevator, but they find Molly in the lobby. Molly tosses Eric a syringe, and he grabs Nora and injects the contents in her, knocking her out. He uses Nora's finger to access the elevator as Bill shows up. "Ready to get the hell out here?" Eric says, as the elevator doors slide open. Salome is inside with her stormtroopers. They quickly surround Bill and Molly. Eric realizes Bill betrayed him. "I'm doing this for you," Bill says. "We've been chosen by Lilith. This is what God wants." Eric looks around and defangs himself. A weird cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" plays as Eric is led away. Bill and Salome share a smile.  (Nelsan Ellis) helps Sookie discover a clue about her parents' deaths.


Sookie has hired Lafayette to use his Glee Season 4 Episode 2  medium skillz to find the creepy spirit thingie that threatened her in her bathroom. "Creepy spirit thingie, why you in Sookie's bathroom?," Lafayette says. I love that Lafayette has gotten his mojo back, but is that the whole reason for his visions of a body-less Jesus and his bloody Mexican weekend? Lot of work for not a heck of a lot of return -- kind of like entire Mavis subplot from last season. Lafayette gets no response from the creepy spirit thingie. Sookie wonders whether Tara has reached out to Lafayette. She's sent him one text, Lafayette says, pulling out his cell phone: "Bitch, stop texting me or I will eat you." Sookie actually Glee Season 4 Episode 2 perks up at this: Sounds like the old Tara. Suddenly, Lafayette starts hearing voices in Sookie's bedroom, lots of voices, but he manages to isolate one from Gran: She's glad the fairies are looking out for Sookie, and if she wants to learn more about Warlow, look under her bed.


Under Gran's bed, Sookie finds a box with baby pictures, photo albums, and a framed report card of Jason's -- the only one in which he earned a B. Lafayette notes that Lynn Dearborne, the former sheriff's wife, was his sixth grade teacher. Okay, I'm starting to regret dismissing that random scene between Andy and Bud a couple of episodes back. Sookie reads a newspaper clipping about her parents' Glee Season 4 Episode 2 deaths, and finds out that Bud is the deputy who responded to the scene. Maybe that's what Gran wanted Sookie find. "Dead folk, why y'all got to be so cryptic?" Lafayette sniffs.


Meanwhile, Jessica, rescued from the Supe Klux Klan house, is at the Sheriff's Office. Jason shows up while Kendra is questioning her. She wants them to find Hoyt -- usually she can sense Hoyt because she's consumed his blood, but she's not getting any reading Glee Season 4 Episode 2 now. Meanwhile, Luna seems to have recovered somewhat from her skinwalking and despite Sam's protests, she insists on going out looking for the supe-haters. They also say they love each other in the least romantic way possible.

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